Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gratitude - and mindfulness

I've talked about this as a running theme throughout the years.  It warrants a mention again today, as  dear friend allowed me the chance to view her writings on mindfulness.  In exchange, I let her in on this "little" secret place where I've been writing for years.  Nearly 10 years to be exact. 

A while ago I was challenge to alter how I was looking at life, and start a Gratitude project on my facebook account.  Monday I started that again, to help remind myself of all of the amazing things that happen in my life, and thank those that help me move toward my goals, in a different forum than here.

I'm still plugging away.  Updates in the past few weeks include:
1.  New benefit plan is in - fees are the same to me, but coverage has become more wide-spread! (bonus!!)
2.  Health plan is in full effect and going well.  I'm moving again, and doing it daily in a way that isn't seriously hurting anything.  I discovered how much I love listening to music and moving to the beat, so I found something I can do every single day that won't harm my muscles, but will get me working hard to sweat off the excess poundage and feel great doing it. 
3.  All systems are ticking right along and I'm loving life right now!

When I was able to spend some time totally unplugged, with my family, in a supportive role, I found a great deal of mental space was available to reflect on my path in life already traveled and the one I'd like to lay before me.  In that reflection, I learned that to get to my goal I simply need to move.  Moving is how I was so easily able to relieve my body of the excess weight and feel great about myself and my life.  My food plan was easy to follow because someone else was providing the choices, and I simply had to make good ones.  I can be that someone for myself, now that I'm learning all kinds of fabulous recipes that are so tasty.  My job every day is simply to move my body.  As much as possible.  Whenever possible, in however I choose to do that.  Case in point, in 2 weeks, I've purged 7 pounds, and more importantly, I no longer feel like a sausage stuffed into my clothing. 

I am so grateful for the reminders from my past.  I am grateful for amazing people in my life that subtly, and not-so-subtly remind me I am worthy of my goals.  I am grateful for amazing friends who keep me accountable for these steps to my goals. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Numbers Are In!

it's that time of the month when you get all your final numbers....or so you think.

I've realized a few additional dollars of savings on my car insurance.  $4.34 per month to be exact.  I've also received my new bill on my bundle from Rogers, and it appears my new billing total will be $196.00 a month, instead of the previously budgeted amount of $225.00 per month.  Having said that, I have to wait one more month to be sure everything is actually working out properly.  With this bill of all the changes, I found it difficult to be sure that I got the math right with the $196 per month thing (including HST), and I'll verify in February when the next bill comes in. 

So far so good.  That's a total of $33.34 back into my own coffers.  A nice little bit of cash per month.  At this stage I have no plans for it, because things have a way of happening that it will come in handy to have later one.

So far so good on the new budget for the year.

In other news, I've been provided several opportunities to learn and re-learn valuable life lessons this month.  One in particular is standing in integrity in life.

This means many things for many people.  It boils down to treating people the way you want to be treated, and doing what you say you'll do when you say you'll do it, at least for me.  There are several instances this past week where this has been tested in a business setting.  An apology is a powerful thing, especially when it affects someone who is ultimately a client of yours from one aspect of business, and a competitor in another aspect.  Lines get blurred.  And sometimes, it is simply that the business is won or lost by a quote and nothing more. 

In the end, being able to ask the right questions and gain as much knowledge as possible before you return the quote, can be the difference in gaining a $1,000 job 3 times a year, and losing a $200,000 per month client. 

As a sales person, I work hard to stay in integrity.  It doesn't always work out in my favour (i.e gaining the business).  At the end of the day, and if I look back on it a year or 5 from now, and I can say that I held my integrity, then I'll be able to sleep peacefully at night and every night thereafter.  If not, then it needs to be fixed, there may be apologies, and you could carry that guilt with you for a while. 

In all, it has been a lovely month.  Regardless of whether I gained the new client, or maintained relationships with existing ones, all of what I've done this month has been to stand in integrity. 

Stay tuned for future numbers, as we tweak the budget a little.  Especially since we have just been informed we will be changing our benefit plan as well.  I'm not sure what impact there will be to me as an employee, yet.  And won't know until the first paycheck in February.  Perhaps that $33.34 may get a little smaller yet.