Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Numbers Are In!

it's that time of the month when you get all your final numbers....or so you think.

I've realized a few additional dollars of savings on my car insurance.  $4.34 per month to be exact.  I've also received my new bill on my bundle from Rogers, and it appears my new billing total will be $196.00 a month, instead of the previously budgeted amount of $225.00 per month.  Having said that, I have to wait one more month to be sure everything is actually working out properly.  With this bill of all the changes, I found it difficult to be sure that I got the math right with the $196 per month thing (including HST), and I'll verify in February when the next bill comes in. 

So far so good.  That's a total of $33.34 back into my own coffers.  A nice little bit of cash per month.  At this stage I have no plans for it, because things have a way of happening that it will come in handy to have later one.

So far so good on the new budget for the year.

In other news, I've been provided several opportunities to learn and re-learn valuable life lessons this month.  One in particular is standing in integrity in life.

This means many things for many people.  It boils down to treating people the way you want to be treated, and doing what you say you'll do when you say you'll do it, at least for me.  There are several instances this past week where this has been tested in a business setting.  An apology is a powerful thing, especially when it affects someone who is ultimately a client of yours from one aspect of business, and a competitor in another aspect.  Lines get blurred.  And sometimes, it is simply that the business is won or lost by a quote and nothing more. 

In the end, being able to ask the right questions and gain as much knowledge as possible before you return the quote, can be the difference in gaining a $1,000 job 3 times a year, and losing a $200,000 per month client. 

As a sales person, I work hard to stay in integrity.  It doesn't always work out in my favour (i.e gaining the business).  At the end of the day, and if I look back on it a year or 5 from now, and I can say that I held my integrity, then I'll be able to sleep peacefully at night and every night thereafter.  If not, then it needs to be fixed, there may be apologies, and you could carry that guilt with you for a while. 

In all, it has been a lovely month.  Regardless of whether I gained the new client, or maintained relationships with existing ones, all of what I've done this month has been to stand in integrity. 

Stay tuned for future numbers, as we tweak the budget a little.  Especially since we have just been informed we will be changing our benefit plan as well.  I'm not sure what impact there will be to me as an employee, yet.  And won't know until the first paycheck in February.  Perhaps that $33.34 may get a little smaller yet.

Monday, January 11, 2016


Time is the single biggest commodity we have.  We do not own it.  It is merely given to us for use.  Each day we are alive we get 86,400 seconds of time with which to live. 

How we use those seconds it literally, and completely within our own control.

Some of us choose to give 28,800 to someone that pays us money to complete tasks on their behalf.  Some of us choose to use 28,800 sleeping and resting our bodies from the day we have.  So between working an 8 hour day, and sleeping for 8 hours a day, we spend 16 hours, or 57,600 seconds of our lives either unconscious or wishing we were somewhere else. 

The key is, what are you going to do with the 28,800 seconds that you aren't sleeping or working?  Some people have their own businesses, so they are even more acutely aware of the seconds they do things in.  Others do not have a job to do and spend their days doing other things - traveling, learning, conversing, being active...

As much as we want to be able to move those seconds forward, looking forward to something we find really, truly, stimulating and invigorating...why aren't we spending those seconds doing that now?  Why aren't we doing something that absolutely brings us joy in each of those seconds?

Many of us have convinced ourselves that we just can't be without a job, regardless of what it is.  That we are lucky to even have a job.  I'm completely with you here.  I've just been thinking about it more and more, and meeting some pretty amazing people in some pretty stellar jobs and thinking to myself, if they can make a job out of it, then why can't I?

The answer to why I "can't" is that I've allowed all kinds of fear and excuses to enter my life and let me stagnate where I am.  "Conventional" versus unconventional jobs, a society and culture passed on that says you must work for someone else to be a viable job and a credible source of income are actually quite the opposite.  Why is it we can pick ourselves up, head of to a job we spend a pile of time complaining about, and work for someone else, but can't seem to put ourselves together to work for ourselves?  The answer is actually quite simply. 

1.  It is easier to go to a job that is already established and work for someone else then to establish it and do it for ourselves. 
2.  Sometimes we can't even fathom what needs to go into setting up our own business, and we allow that to become our excuse for why we don't do it.
3.  We allow all kinds of excuses to get in our way on things - I could never..., I don't know...

The point is, it is much simpler in our lives for us to pickup every day and go to work for someone else, because they've already established a position, we know what the position entails and what the remuneration for said position is, and then we spend the rest of our lives comparing ourselves to others in that position and questioning why we aren't making more than we are.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  So, while I get moving on my own business, I will get up each morning, and go to a place that pays me a regular salary to complete tasks for them.  I get paid well, don't get me wrong.  But, I want more for myself.  So, I've found a small business that I can get moving on, myself, and will be working to build up my clientele base and business so that one day I can surpass my current income, and become the superstar I'm supposed to be making the income I've always dreamed of.

Why not retire at 40 with a house paid for, and enjoy my life?
Who says I can't walk up one day and for my mom's birthday, fly her to Paris for lunch, just because?  What is stopping me from living the live I want?

The answer to the third question is ME.  And only ME.  Nothing else.

Though, it takes time to get to where I want to be.  So, I will begin to work that time to be what I want it to be.  I will be doing at least 1% per week toward my goal, so that 2 years from now when I look back, I can say, yes I did that!  And look at my goal!!

Right now, I'm taking small steps toward that.  My first goal is to make $200 per month in residual sustainable residual income from my side business.

Time.  Think about it!