Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lawdy Be!

It's been a while - and I know why.

I've been fighting (not well I might add) that 100-day cold thingy that has been going around.


Still tracking the monies.  Still moving and shaking...just doing it with a sore throat and a hacking dry/wet cough.  You know what I mean right?  In the morning I'm phlegmy and the cough is wet and racking.  In the afternoon it's dry and rumbly in the cockles of my lungs and hurts my body. 

Hasn't been fun.  Hasn't made me feel like doing a whole lot of anything and thusly I've set this aside for a bit while I've tried to get better.

I have my practitioners all stacked up this week to help my body overhaul itself and get this cold gone for good.  Lots of rest.  Little heavy exercise - basically did what I could handle for about an hour every third day to keep things going.  I'm fighting it better than my friends and colleagues but it just won't let go all the way. 

As such I've felt exhausted for weeks now. 

Moving through it.  Into my 3-pay month, so lots of stuff going on with the monies.

I'll get myself sorted out and get back to regular scheduling. 

Case in point, I finally started the spring clean cycle.  And I've sold off one Coach purse and matching wallet already, as well as some other odds and sodds.  Made about $250 in cash that went straight to the debt.
Getting there!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Taking a Look at the Numbers

After the news from the doctor, it is time for me to choke off my spending altogether so I can take care of this debt thing.

Running some numbers, to knock out this debt, I need to find a way to take in an additional $17,000 (after taxes and all that fun stuff), so I can pay this debt off for Christmas THIS year. 

So now I'm literally looking for any way I can to start bringing in more money to handle this.  That's a significant chunk of change.

To begin, I'm going around finding anything I can sell to earn cash.  After doing the math, I have to bring in $55 every day, for the remaining 311 days of the year. 

$55 a day.  Yikes. 

It's scary for me to even admit that this number will get me out of debt by the end of the year.  It is scarier still to begin to brainstorm ways to do this.

A few ideas:

1.  Part time job at a grocery store making $11.50 an hour.  I'd have to work 6.5 hours a day on top of what I already do at this pay rate. 
2.  Finding 622 people who have odd jobs willing to pay me $27.50 straight cash for them.
3.  Sell off a serious amount of stuff - thinking I can find a way to net $600 with this option, maybe even $1,000 with everything I'm thinking of selling.  It is better than nothing, helps me purge out my life, move to a more minimalist, and clear-energy living. 
4.  Leverage my skills for cash as a free-lancer. 

Anyone reading this have any contacts in the Tri-city area that require help with anything? 

Any readers out there have any thoughts on how to bring in some extra money?  Another one, is monetizing this blog and finding advertisers for the space here.  Though I have a small audience, so not sure how to even do this one.