Monday, February 23, 2015

Taking a Look at the Numbers

After the news from the doctor, it is time for me to choke off my spending altogether so I can take care of this debt thing.

Running some numbers, to knock out this debt, I need to find a way to take in an additional $17,000 (after taxes and all that fun stuff), so I can pay this debt off for Christmas THIS year. 

So now I'm literally looking for any way I can to start bringing in more money to handle this.  That's a significant chunk of change.

To begin, I'm going around finding anything I can sell to earn cash.  After doing the math, I have to bring in $55 every day, for the remaining 311 days of the year. 

$55 a day.  Yikes. 

It's scary for me to even admit that this number will get me out of debt by the end of the year.  It is scarier still to begin to brainstorm ways to do this.

A few ideas:

1.  Part time job at a grocery store making $11.50 an hour.  I'd have to work 6.5 hours a day on top of what I already do at this pay rate. 
2.  Finding 622 people who have odd jobs willing to pay me $27.50 straight cash for them.
3.  Sell off a serious amount of stuff - thinking I can find a way to net $600 with this option, maybe even $1,000 with everything I'm thinking of selling.  It is better than nothing, helps me purge out my life, move to a more minimalist, and clear-energy living. 
4.  Leverage my skills for cash as a free-lancer. 

Anyone reading this have any contacts in the Tri-city area that require help with anything? 

Any readers out there have any thoughts on how to bring in some extra money?  Another one, is monetizing this blog and finding advertisers for the space here.  Though I have a small audience, so not sure how to even do this one.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Holding Pattern

I don't normally write about some of the more personal aspects of life on here...because it is public, and it is easy to find my real name and information.

My guy has been going through some health things these past 8.5 years.  Today, we had an appointment that we were hoping would yield some great great news.  Instead, we got mixed reviews, and the not-so-subtle troubling face of a physician. 

We are in a holding pattern.  We get to enjoy life with a wait-and-see in the back of our minds wondering when - not if - the inevitable day when we have to book the next surgery gets to us.  It could be later this year.  It could be next year.  It could be 2 or 3 years from now.  It will get here though.

The body is showing the very early, and ominously foreshadowing signs of rejection from the last surgery.  It is a small things right now.  The only way to repair this very tiny pinhole is with surgery.  The fact that the pin hole is already there, just over a year since the last surgery, is a sure sign that there is rejection of the patches in place now.  Nothing good.

So, I'm saddened by this news for sure.  It will sit with me for a little while yet, before I am able to work past it and move forward.

It means that plans to do some things in the future will have to change.  It means that moving this debt along is so paramount now.  It means that the floundering I've done over the last 5 years is that much more acutely apparent and maddening.  It means there are no more days for me.  This debt has to go.  It has to go now and I have to find ways to increase the payments moving forward. 

Because, coming at some point in the near future, I will again be the sole bread-winner of the family, having to sit through yet another surgery, and endure yet another recovery for 6-9 months of time.  It means that for another year, my guy will not be able to work. 

If I look at all the dollars I've pissed away on my debt by not simply paying it off and causing my own financial sinkhole, I have nearly half a house paid for in cash.  That is an exceptional amount of money to simply be pissing away. 

Today is the day, more than any before it, that I sit here and wish Fair Godmother's were real, that winning the lottery was a simple as buying a ticket with the correct numbers, and that I had learned these lessons long ago when I tried to work it out before.  $90,000 is a lot of money.  I am determined though.  I know that this is the last time I can do this because it literally means the survival of my family by getting out of the debt. 

It is time to recover the money I needlessly threw away on "stuff".  Looks like I'll be selling a pile of things.  I will probably be giving up curling for the coming season as well, and looking for new ways to bring in income to my house to get out from under this debt.

Not only do I have to find a way to raise my debt amount.  I also have to find a way to raise the amount of money we'll need for recovery. 

So - to all of my readers out there - your suggestions on what to do in this situation, how to sell off our stuff and raise the money needed are most appreciated.