Monday, September 29, 2014

Reluctantly I've returned form Ireland

I'm back and back into the living.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip away, have some many memories and pictures - that I'm still culling through.  I even completed my first 5km race!

While I continue to collect myself, sort myself out and get back into a groove over here, I want to send messages of thanks for the well wishes from my readers.

For those of you that are wondering, the trip itself, cost around $1,000 Canadian dollars.  How that works, and what that is, I will post about later.

I can say I went a little overboard with the souvenirs for people.  The items are beautiful and thoughtful though, and I did manage to collect 3 Christmas presents while I was gone. 

Be that as it may, I'll get myself sorted and get the posts scheduled so you can see the amazing trip and all kinds of history and culture.

I say reluctantly because I was so grateful for the time to de-stress from work.  I had no idea exactly how stressed out I was until I woke up the first morning over there, and didn't have to think about anything except what I was wearing that day and did I have my camera.  Breakfast was taken care of.  Lunch was on us and often tasty in quaint little pubs and cafes.  Dinner, again taken care of.  The weather was better than we were having here - 20-25 each day with next to no clouds.  It didn't rain a single day while we were there!

This trip has really helped me figure out that the stress I have at work is a slow whittling process of inefficiency, daft-ness, and lack/mis-communication.  Until I returned, I didn't realize exactly how that really wears a person down.  Not to mention the fact that I am definitely underpaid, and have far too many outlier responsibilities for one person.  The dread one feels heading into work has a funny way of making it difficult to get out of bed each day.  In Ireland, I was able to get out of bed for 6:30am more easily than I thought was possible...and I got up for my race at 5am without hassle.  If I had to do that, even today, a week after coming home, I would find it very difficult to do indeed.  As I already find 7am difficult when heading into work. 

It's so strange some of the things you learn when you take an actual holiday!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Bon Voyage a MOI!

Just a little note to tell you all that I am leaving on a jet plane for the rolling, green hills of the Emerald Isle tomorrow.

To Ireland I go!

I wish you all a lovely few weeks.  I'll catch up when I return.

I will be without electronic devices for 2.5 glorious weeks!

*mwah!*  Bye bye!!