Monday, July 28, 2014

Ticking Off the Days

As July begins to close out, I've reviewed my repayment plan and updated a couple of pages on the blog. 

Under Progress Report - you'll see the jpeg's of the tracker I use for the repayments.  I've done well for the first month.  Now to keep it going.

Also, my monthly goals are listed for August and September. 

As for everything else, I'm literally ticking off the days until my vacation in September.  It's a big deal for me, as it is the first vacation in 8 years, it isn't one that I'm actually footing the bill for, beyond my own spending money, and it's the first time I'll be flying to a location outside of North America, and off the continent.  Travelling hasn't been in the cards for me in the last little while - because of that pesky debt. 

This particular trip is a little different, in that it is a gift to me from a very close relative.  It is a HUGE blessing to be able to go on the trip and I am still overwhelmed at the circumstances surrounding it.  It will actually be 8 years, almost to the month, since my last real and true vacation.  Since then, my vacation time has been eaten up completing my degree. 

I am so very blessed this year, to be able to work through several more of my own personal long-term goals.  I'll talk more about those goals a little closer to the time of them.

Things coming up include:

1)  Run my first 5km in 20 years.
2)  Take a trip over an ocean to a country I've never been to, and is on my bucket list.
3)  Pay off a credit card and cancel it.
4)  Get myself set up for home ownership
5)  Reduce the balance on my last credit card

I sat down with myself and took a look at what has happened since Graduation Day June 2013, and I'm starting to really like where my life is going.  I've got until December 2015 to completely pay off the remaining debt I have, and I am on track to completing this.  I'm actually excited about this.

I have an accountability partner that I check in with once per week.  It is helping on all fronts!  Amazing things are happening.  Amazing things are coming.  I am back on track and loving it.  August 7th, 2014 is the next day I'll be making payments on my credit debt.  They are scheduled in already and can be seen on the Progress shots. 

Oh, and with the reduction in my auto insurance policy, apparently that will be a near permanent reduction. 

Loving Life!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Happy Mail Surprise

Yesterday in the mail I received my Car Insurance renewal papers.

Apparently they are harmonizing my insurance with my home insurance and my guy's insurance.  What the heck does that mean?  It means that we will be getting all of our policies at the same time instead of staggering them all through out the year.

It's a nice little thing I think.  So, the renewal that I received was from now until the harmonization month. 

What does t his mean for me?  It means that for the next 6 payments, my Car Insurance payment drops from $121.71 per month to $86.28 per month.  That means I get to keep $35.43 each and every month for the next 6 months. 

I'm pretty sure that this will only be for the next 6 months, and then I'll see the real amount come back.  Because of this Combined Policy thing, I'll be saving 10% on my car insurance, and 15% on my home insurance.   So, start in March, my car insurance payments should be about $109.54 per month for the 12 months starting in February 2015.  I'll enjoy these significant savings on my policy now for the next 6 months before I get the actual amount.  I may be qualified for several new and exciting things in my insurance policy as well. 

I'll be discussing those items with my broker and figuring out how best to handle those items.  These include things like conviction free protection (speeding ticket under the new Combined Policy means my insurance could go up 15% in a year if I get a ticket - GAH!), and excess liability over all policies, disappearing deductibles etc. 

So far I'm liking these new options.  I'm also checking on income replacement level increases as my policy has a standard $400 per week.  Many of your policies may have the same thing.  As I've had an accident that resulted in several weeks of impairment, this is important to both me and my family moving forward.  These items could make a huge deal to many things if ever something happens to me again.

Oh, and for the first time, my insurance provider is offering the Winter Tire Discount.  Thank goodness!  At an additional 5%, I may be able to get the increase to my replacement income fee paid fr, by simply having the policy moved to a Combined Policy, taking the winter tire discount, and staying conviction free!

I'm all about saving money and getting the coverage I need to keep me safe and sound in just in case events.