Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I took a challenge and saved!

I've been on and off for a while having little to no motivation to write.

So, I did what every blogger has done and signed up for a challenge.  Now, I'm not a huge twitter person, so checking in via twitter just didn't really happen.

I was challenged to see how much money I could save.  The overall goal was/is $1,000.  The challenge was brought to me by Ramit Sethi.  In it, I reviewed my cable/phone/internet bill.  I will be finalizing the switch tomorrow, to ensure things took correctly.  I ended up with a better phone package, better cable package, and better internet package that includes 2 channels I've always wanted, for $25 less per month than what I pay now. 

Sure I'm a loyal customer.  Sure I've been with them for a while, and was taking it on the chin with the increases that were coming through.  It doesn't hurt to research, and ask, using a supplied script of course.  His program gave the exact scripts to use to get this done. 

The second thing I did was review all of my statements for subscriptions and regular recurring charges.  Then I evaluated if I really use those items/things to their full potential and cancelled everything that wasn't being full or even partially used.  Everything I could live without.  Saved $50 a month there.

Then, I called my insurance company to verify that I had all the updates and best rates available for me, my car, and my driving record.  My insurance payments are now $89 a month, instead of the $121 I used to pay.  That's a verified savings of $32 a month.  They are currently checking into a couple of other items for me, so we'll see if I can get this down any further.

After that I checked out a few perks and such that I wasn't suing from my alumni association, and my professional distinctions.  With those, I was able to lower payments for CAA, and find ways of getting movie tickets, theme park tickets, trips, etc. for less than face value.  Other places to look are your reward cards - Airmiles, Aeroplan, CAA, PC, to name a few.

In total, I've recovered almost $100 per month for the remainder of the year...making it about $700 this year that I won't be spending on my "regular" items. 

Other things to look at - do you need all that life insurance?  If you were like me and thought you were paying for policies to covered items that the others didn't - health, disability, life, accident, etc., only to find out that you'd duplicated coverage, you can recover the monies paid into the plan, in some cases, or simply cancel the plan outright and recover another $30 a month. 

When it comes to dollars, and you are doing everything you can to manage your money, sometimes revisiting everything will allow you to benefit in ways you didn't know existed before, or had simply been underusing.

For me, underusing my Air miles, and CAA benefits, mean I can do things like go to a movie with a friend, enjoy popcorn and drinks for $28.25 now.  Before I was spending $28.25 on just movie tickets.  Sometimes, it was more than that even! 

I'm pretty proud of the ability to find almost $100 of money to be able to actually put into a savings account.  Or, in my case, divert to debt repayment.  I'm still on track for my debt-freedom date of October 31, 2016.  And it's starting to feel fantastic and light.

In fact I just learned I'll have another card paid off in 5 months.  Leaving the big one for the last year.  It's coming down.  It's methodical process for sure.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lawdy Be!

It's been a while - and I know why.

I've been fighting (not well I might add) that 100-day cold thingy that has been going around.


Still tracking the monies.  Still moving and shaking...just doing it with a sore throat and a hacking dry/wet cough.  You know what I mean right?  In the morning I'm phlegmy and the cough is wet and racking.  In the afternoon it's dry and rumbly in the cockles of my lungs and hurts my body. 

Hasn't been fun.  Hasn't made me feel like doing a whole lot of anything and thusly I've set this aside for a bit while I've tried to get better.

I have my practitioners all stacked up this week to help my body overhaul itself and get this cold gone for good.  Lots of rest.  Little heavy exercise - basically did what I could handle for about an hour every third day to keep things going.  I'm fighting it better than my friends and colleagues but it just won't let go all the way. 

As such I've felt exhausted for weeks now. 

Moving through it.  Into my 3-pay month, so lots of stuff going on with the monies.

I'll get myself sorted out and get back to regular scheduling. 

Case in point, I finally started the spring clean cycle.  And I've sold off one Coach purse and matching wallet already, as well as some other odds and sodds.  Made about $250 in cash that went straight to the debt.
Getting there!!