Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Bon Voyage a MOI!

Just a little note to tell you all that I am leaving on a jet plane for the rolling, green hills of the Emerald Isle tomorrow.

To Ireland I go!

I wish you all a lovely few weeks.  I'll catch up when I return.

I will be without electronic devices for 2.5 glorious weeks!

*mwah!*  Bye bye!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some Fun Things

Sometimes in life you need to have some fun.

This past weekend (belated, but never forgotten) I was able to celebrate my 8-year anniversary with le man.  We spent a fantastic weekend together.  He handled Day 1 - dinner out to a great little Italian Restaurant and movie - Guardians of the Galaxy.  Hilarious!  If you've seen it, you know that most commonly, everyone's favourite line is "I am Groot." 

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I'll not spoil why this is the running funny line from the movie.  I will tell you that inflection is everything.

Also - the soundtrack from the movie is quite genius!  Definitely looking for it when/if it gets released.  I'm "old-school".  I don't subscribe to iTunes.  Give me the CD any time. 

Day 2 of our celebration, thanks to a fantastic Groupon, meant we spend the afternoon in Toronto, on the water, sailing on the Tall Ship Kajama.  10 points to the person that pronounces the ship name correctly!  Although it was raining, the ship still sails...just like anyone sailing any ship anywhere.  It was really neat, a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and let us see some cool things from Lake Ontario. 

After we gained our sea legs and made port, we dined at The Keg.  Day 2 was completed on Groupon deals, and gift cards, so total out-of-pocket costs was gas to get us to and from Toronto.  Glorious!

Day 3 of our celebration was spent picking veg from our garden (6 cucumbers, a quart basket of beans, 35 peas, 3 rows of carrots and 3 rows of radishes.  The carrots and radishes picked amounted to estimated grocery store bunches equaling 16 carrot bunches and 8 radish bunches.  And we aren't even half way through yet.  This is the third weekend we've picked and our bounty flows over!  Great meals have been shared with family to date, straight from our own garden.  What a lovely, local, totally "organic" way to feed those we love!  After this task was complete, we debated the finer points of a few other items we wanted to accomplish - picking up 2 items that were ready at the mall, enjoying a meal there while we "touristed" our mall, and then returning to our humble abode for a binge of Game of Thrones watching. (I've almost completed Season 3 so don't spoil it for me!)

It was a fabulous weekend filled with conversation, experience, nourishment and laughter. 

Today is now 2 weeks before I leave on my "trip of a lifetime" voyage.  Le Man, not being an immediate member, is staying here while I gallivant overseas some of my family members.   Fun will be had.  Sites will be seen.  Experiences will be experienced.  Pictures will be taken.  My cup runneth over. 

I'll drop another clue to my trip for you all.  The place I'm visiting is steeped in family history and tradition.  Many of you may find that parts of your own ancestry originated from this island.

Have you guessed yet?

If not, there will be at least one more post with a clue in it.