Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hacking Yourself

I don't know about any of you and your mannerisms.  I'm a piler and a filer.  That means I come home, handle what is super important and get it done, then pile up the items "to handle later". Then once a week or so I sit down with this pile, go through it, determine what I want to keep, what has to be kept, what has to be done, filed, or plain and simple recycled/garbage. 

This leads to tidy little piles in a few places in my home.  All of these things are things that I don't feel like making a decision on right away.  They are receipts from medical professionals that I collect up at the end of the month to submit to the various peoples and hopefully see a return on my money.  These are also the places that the magazine I wanted to read on Saturday goes, or the card a friend gave me that I'm not ready to part with yet, or that knick-knack that I didn't know where to put went.

Today, I'm tackling the "pile" that I have for the work that need to get done, while I'm at work.  HA HA!

We are getting new flooring laid, so it has meant that systematically we've had to pull out everything from an office, move it to some other place, and then put it back.  it is also a GREAT time to cull out the old stuff that we don't need in our offices anymore and get it properly handled - shredded, recycled, garbage etc.   I'm feeling better about how my desk area is looking.  We've cleaned it.  I was able to recycled a bunch of things I just haven't needed in the past couple of years and feel fresher for it.  When everything came back, I piled it all in one pile on my desk to go through.  I have completed half the pile.  Lots of items were there simply because I needed to go file it.  As I've been going down the pile, many items have found their way to the file pile.  I have yet to file these items because the cabinets that these things need to go in are currently blocked by the current office being re-floored. 

I'm at a point where I've come to a project that has been giving me some serious grief and so, I've put it aside for a couple of days.  It is next in my pile.  I am resisting the urge to simply put it in another pile and move on to other things.  So, because I need to "gear up my brain" to tackle this, I've decided a break is in order and here I am typing away on this little post.

The pile of items that need to be handled but are waiting for return correspondence from clients is so very tiny right now.  The pile of things to handle outright is still nearly a half foot high.  This project and the paperwork for it take up easily half of that.  I also know there are a few note books and a binder of items that could probably be culled and removed is at the bottom.  I am trying to resist the urge to jump over this project in favour of handling the rest of the pile.  Why?  Part of it is because I have to get it done and sooner rather than later.  Part of it is because I know if I jump over it I"ll be able to take care of the rest of the stuff under it, leaving only it. 

And so, I believe I've answered my own question.  I'm not going to put it aside and move on.  I'm going to take it off the top, and put it on the bottom of this same pile and keep moving until I get to only it in the pile.  Then I'll be clear to handle it and get it done.  Being that I've accomplished a heck of a lot in the 2.5 hours of work so far, I feel this will be the best thing for me at this time.

Hacking yourself is sometimes a realization thing and sometimes a productivity thing.  Today, for me, it's both.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Productivity and the Power of Doing Just One Thing

This week I've been feeling a serious case of the winter blah's.  So much so, that I quite literally spent my entire weekend avoiding the chores that I need to tackle. 

Then, in an ever-spiraling self speak situation, I began to berate myself for letting things get so out of hand at my place.  I am a tidy person.  I can even be an everything-in-its-place person, and often live in an exceptionally clean environment.  It's a health thing mostly as I've got allergies to basically everything. 

These days, in the winter, I've had zero drive to actually do the cleaning, laundry, dishes.  So things have started to pile up a bit.  So much so that I actually contemplated taking a day of vacation just to clean up my place and get it ship-shape again. 

Instead, I have, in the last two days, done "just one thing".  Sunday I finally got all of my Christmas stuff put back in the boxes and taken down.  Yesterday, I came home to vacuum up the mess thins makes - even when you have an artificial tree.  And put a few of the items that were displaced due to Christmas, back in their rightful places.  I managed to wash down 2 decorative vases I have in the foyer as the dust was at a point that the duster wasn't touching it anymore.  They went back to their rightful places.  This morning, I was able to add to my morning routine, the sorting of the laundry so I can run two loads tonight when I get home, changed the bed sheet, redressed the bed, and tidied up that little pile of things that accumulates on your bedside table. 

It was a lovely bit of accomplishment before getting to work this morning.  It helped set the tone for the morning so far, and I've completed 3 projects I thought would take a lot longer than they did.  So, now I take a well earned break to write a little post for you folks and then I'll be back to handling the work again.

Seems I'll get things done around my place one single task at a time.  My doing just one thing this morning turned into 3 things before heading to work.  I'll repeat the same thing tonight after curling, and knock out 2 loads of laundry.  Tomorrow morning, I'll be tackling the cleaning of the bathroom, and 2 more loads of laundry.  I may also get the vacuuming done in the bedroom, and the dusting in that room as well.   There's a list.  I'll get through it systematically, over time, until the weekend gets here and I can spend a dedicated chunk of time to bang out the remaining items that need attending throughout my place. 

Chores don't hurt as much when you get them done over time and in 20 minute blocks.  Doing them all on one day, has always felt like the worst in the past.  I find it easier to manage if I do something every day and tackle things like closet organization on a weekend.