Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Health

Woven throughout my financially based blog are posts about my health.

My secondary goal has always been to improve my health.  I've worked with trainers, professionals and tried some known diet "programs" in the past.  All of them have shown some level of success.  And all of them have revealed my own failings.

So what is different.  This time around, I've hired a professional to help me work through the mental journey of change, and improving one's health.  I've also added a Naturopath to my arsenal of professionals for the first time even.

We spent a great deal of time working through my medical history, and my tracking of various things through my health, through blood work, and testing etc.  This is the first time that I've met someone that could take all of the data, and tell me something that very few people seem to pay attention to...the guides your GP uses to measure certain items in your regular blood work are simply guides.  They don't necessarily pay attention to trends in your blood work over time and can mostly effectively treat symptoms of something.

This Naturopath I've just started working with, has taken all of those items that the doctor has in my files and actually trended things. 

For example, I've had really low zinc levels for a very long time, which correlates to low vitamin C levels.  Why is zinc important?  It forms the basis for all of your cells to work effectively throughout your body.  When it is low, it brings down other vitamin levels because zinc helps your receptors actually do their job.  It helps your liver and adrenals do their jobs.  Low zinc and you could be faced with a series of seemingly unconnected maladies - like allergies, the feeling of always being tired, lower energy, wanting to sleep for 10 hours a day or more, regular illness recurrence and about a trillion other things along the way. 



What he's learned is this, I require an overall boost in many vitamins and nutrients, my estrogen levels are completely out of whack, my adrenal system has basically been screaming for support for a long time, and I am fighting chronic candida in my digestive system, not to mention a seriously inflammed digestive system. 

For the past 9 days I've been on a very specialized, very monitored balancing regime.  At first this seemed like one more of those, eat this, drink that and you'll magically be healed type of things.  Until I had my follow up visit. 
I did my weight and measurements the day before I first met him.  I completed my weight and measurements, the day before our in office check-in.  And it turns out, that this balancing thing has helped me release 8 pounds from my body, and reduce the measurements by about 4 inches, just from my neck to my butt. 

The best.  And I mean THE BEST part was when I returned to the office to check in, the Doctor was quite literally floored by the response of my body to the regime.  You know when a doctor literally stands up and cheers it's a great sign. 

Even better, the night before I checked in with my mental professional, and even she was cheering!  So what is my prize for such great success you ask?  Well, Pat, I'll tell you!!

I won the ability to feel absolutely amazing!  I didn't know I wasn't feeling good until I started feel better, is the best way I can explain it.  I've won the amazing news that I lost 8 pounds in 9 days and I'm now on my last belt whole, with actual room between me and the pants!  I've won the understanding that I've finally unlocked the secret my body has not so subtly been whispering for years now.  And my parting gifts?  Another 3 weeks of balancing, with the addition of a B12 to support my thyroid, candida busting drops, the ability to enjoy a steak and salad every other night (literally, this is my prescription!), a round of HIIT 2 times per week, and a goal of walking 10,000 steps every day. 

Yep, you read all that correctly.  I have a prescription, from 3 doctors now, that includes walking and running.  Everyone is on board with the plan.  I have a road map for what I need to do every single day until I see the ND again.  And for the first time I feel like I am walking with purpose towards my health goals.  For the first time I've got a concrete road map of how that will look.  And I have someone writing and leading the next phase, so I don't have to flounder around on my own.

In return, I am feeding my body what it's been crying for, feeling better, and slimming down all at the same time. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Adjusting My Priorities

Had a good weekend.  Sleep was had by all, and things seem to be moving in the right direction now.  Being a zen home, it helped to curb the often lightening rod energy of Niece 1.  Also, we do not indulge the "need" to be doing 6 things at the same time.  So when one asks to watch a movie, it is expected that one will actually watch said movie.

I had Sunday to myself, and enjoyed every bit of it.  Watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in the afternoon, meditated, went for a walk, and took care of a work item.

This week I've been sitting down with those finances again and have determined that a couple of things that I'd been doing are now to a point where I consider them complete.  So, in the coming days, I'll be cancelling the subscriptions and gaining back several dollars in the process. 

I have begun what I consider, intensive work on myself.  I've enlisted a counselor, and a naturopath to help me create, navigate and meet my health goals.  Obviously this is going to present a bit of a cost.  In the long run, this will be a much better use of my time and money than being ill, and constantly overweight. 

So far, so good.  I'm on a liver supporting detox and estrogen balancing regime that started 2 days ago and will last for an additional 6 days.  9 days altogether.  This is to help take care of several items - all of which I consider TMI for this blog!

And will kickstart my health in a way I've never before been able to do.  Pesky items taken care of, I can move forward with good foods for me, an exercise program that feels right for me, and the ability to talk out, analyze, and help change the fundamental behaviours that I've identified as needing improvement.  It has been quite the discovery process with myself.  It has been uncomfortable at times.  There have been tears, depression moments, anger, grief, joy, sadness, disgust, fear, elation, trepidation, gladness, happiness, contentment, anxiety, frustration, pain, forgiveness, contemplation, anticipation, laughter, love, curiousness, discovery, awakening, enlightenment and a whole buch of other stuff too. 

It has been a journey.  It is a journey.  Finances are rolling along.  Health is going to roll along now.