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A Health Filled Journey

As I work on my gratitude daily, I am reminded that I also work on my health daily. Making good food choices, is like constantly being asked if you want to use grab gasoline or good gasoline for your car.  Blends are different, performance of the vehicle changes, and pricing is key.  It's the same for the fuel we put in our bodies. I've been working with a few items as of late and doing research into a few different styles of eating out there.  Great success has been had on many plans.  it is the guts to stick to the plan that is the key factor in that success. For example, I started taking some extra boosting nutrients in my diet.  Nothing that replaces a meal, or causes you to not eat whatever you choose, just a product that provides me with my 8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day regardless of how I eat.  I drop a little pouch into about 500ml of water, shake it up and drink it down.  It tastes like berries, so it makes them go down better.  Added to that I ea

Beginning with Gratitude!

The best way to start anything, for me, is with Gratitude! Gratitude for viewers here.  Gratitude for another beautiful day on Earth.  Gratitude that one can recognize and make tough decisions to change the path regardless of hurt, anger, betrayal, sadness, anxiety and depression.  So, in this part of my life, I begin with gratitude as often and as frequently as possible.  It really helps the day get off to a great start to take a moment and think to yourself, what a great thing to be alive today.  When you work with gratitude, and sit in gratitude, you often find the most magnificent things appear right before your eyes.  A gorgeous sunrise, or sunset, the first spotting of Spring Robins, squirrels chasing each other, bunnies hoping along, a chipmunk with its cheeks so full of food it is hilarious to see them try and squeeze just one more thing in! Or even gratitude that today you opened your eyes, and can sit up in bed.  That you have something to watch or something to play t

The Re-Invention of Me

It has been a while since my last post.  I protected the blog to protect my privacy from things happening in my life, because I felt it best for me. I'm back, and this blog is taking a different direction. Old posts have been pulled and a fresh look is underway. Life is forming anew these days. I've been blogging a little over 10 years years now, and the shape and feel of the blog have changed as my life did.  It began as a search for lasting love in my life, morphed into a finance blog while I moved through my debts, and then began to take shape as a health and wellness site for me to do more than that.  I vented through this medium about people and relationships, love, death, the struggle to get myself into the place in life I wanted.  A good portion of my life was poured out here for the world (the small following I had) to see, and was made a little more public with an article written in the Globe and Mail several years ago. The article still exists, and the link