A Health Filled Journey

As I work on my gratitude daily, I am reminded that I also work on my health daily.

Making good food choices, is like constantly being asked if you want to use grab gasoline or good gasoline for your car.  Blends are different, performance of the vehicle changes, and pricing is key.  It's the same for the fuel we put in our bodies.

I've been working with a few items as of late and doing research into a few different styles of eating out there.  Great success has been had on many plans.  it is the guts to stick to the plan that is the key factor in that success.

For example, I started taking some extra boosting nutrients in my diet.  Nothing that replaces a meal, or causes you to not eat whatever you choose, just a product that provides me with my 8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day regardless of how I eat.  I drop a little pouch into about 500ml of water, shake it up and drink it down.  It tastes like berries, so it makes them go down better.  Added to that I eat a little chew - that looks like the size of a starburst candy - and packs the anti-oxidizing power of two cartons of blueberries into the pair of them.  Tastes great and I get the bonuses of my body getting what it needs!

It is like hitting the easy button on my nutrition each morning, between breakfast and lunch.  I do not hit a wall in the afternoon any longer.  I feel great, have great energy and move through my day feeling better.  It took a little while to get there though, so this isn't an instant fix.  It is an improvement with some time.

You see, I have adrenal fatigue in the worst way.  And I have a liver that has been working overtime to help my body do its regular things with limited success.  So the greens and chews support everything, and help my liver clean itself and my body, as well as move my body to a more alkaline state. 

Adding one more product really kicked my health game up a notch.  I'm sourcing improvements to what I put in my body every day and am enjoying new ways of exercising as well. 

Spending time each day to fuel my soul by looking at all the great things that are available in life to me, as well as working on the fuel I put into my body, have helped me transform my life in ways I couldn't fathom.  I'm having great success fighting through my mental ailments as well. 

It is amazing how a few simple changes to how one fuels one's body can be expressed in the reduction and elimination of all kinds of symptoms.  The root cause to many things is the nutrition we give ourselves - or the lack thereof for that matter. 

How many of you eat paleo, or keto, or clean, or low carb?  How many of you are trying greens and not enjoying their taste so you've improved your smoothy game?  I'd love to hear your experiences and what you are doing!

If there was a way to take two starburst candies and get all the nutrients your body requires in a day, would you do it? 
If you had the ability to add a pixie stick to your water and get 8 servings of fruits and veggies into your body, would you find that easy? 
If you could add one pouch of health boosting nutrients to your water, or juice, or smoothy or coffee every day, would you do it? 


  1. Possibly, when I was working and didn't have the time needed to make sure I got all the nutrients I needed.
    But now that I am retired I take great care of my diet. I would call the way I eat "clean" or "real" in that I try to eat only real food. I don't find it difficult to eat 2 servings of fruit and 5 of veggies. I'm fortunate that my daughter loves to eat a healthy diet. That's not to say I don't fall off the wagon frequently! I still have a sweet tooth and although I've tried to eliminate all the sugar in my diet some still sneaks in from time to time. When I get the sugar urge I try to eat grapes instead; we also really like grape tomatoes and I keep a bowl of them on the kitchen counter at all times so I turn to them instead of "crap". I just don't buy crap or have it in the house if I can help it as my willpower is weak. Yesterday my daughter gave me 2 peppermint patties and I've tucked them away. I should just throw them out!
    I'm glad you are experiencing more energy with your supplements.


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