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Nothing But a Number

In this day and age, when people are worrying about their BMI, and weight, their age, and clothing size, we forget to live. These items - the numbers - in our lives do not define us, nor should they really be given the attention we all pay to them.  For example, P!nk , recently released a photo of herself at the gym working out, indicating that by standard medical information, she would be considered obese.  Yep - me too! I'm not in the shape she is in, however, I am healthy, and happy and love myself (well most days).  I stopped stepping on a scale a while ago, because it causes me stress and helps lead to bouts of depression in me.  I instead, go by how my clothing is fitting.  I am working on improving my health, by adding in additional nutrients and working to eat less processed sugars and carbs.  How's this for reminding yourself that you can do anything you set you mind to?  This past week, I had the distinct pleasure of volunteering some time to help with the Maste