It's Time!!

It's time to get back to something that I loved doing - writing this blog!

Life is moving along.

Here is what I did today so I can get back to square!

Yep!  That's right!  I'm at it again and they've been chopped to bits!

Let's talk goals for a moment.

These are things to help keep you going, motivated and working towards a better life for yourself.

Goals for Me:

1.  Pay off the Debt (again!  I know!)
2.  Better Health!  Loose 16 inches off my body - yes loose them...then lose them...and never find them again!
3.  Release those possessions and objects that I haven't used/worn in a long time.  - This goal free's up my mind, my space, my life, and allows me to be really picky about what I accept back into my space and mind.
4.  Gain success in my side business

Simple post today.  Back in the saddle.

Consistency is key - so I'm committing to blogging regularly again, however, it will be set days in the week and topics will be more thoughtful after today.

Let's talk about what BETTER looks like for you?  Drop me a comment below and let me know what you are doing to make your life BETTER!


  1. Welcome back! You've been missed. For me BETTER involves eating healthy REAL food, nothing from a box, nothing processed and exercise - hiking, cycling and for the summer months - slo-pitch! Moving helps the losing part stay LOST!

  2. What pretty little shreds :-) Welcome back.

  3. Welcome back.. and sorry to hear about the debt. Ugh. Better for me is reaching my debt pay-off goal for 2017 and getting rid of the 15 lbs I put back on after losing 30 lbs. So better is eating clean and working out consistently.

  4. Nice to see shredded plastic! There are so many of us digging out of debt. I want 2017 to the be the year that we all make HUGE progress!


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