Setting Your Goals

A quick little post from the road today. Let's talk setting your goals.

How many of you out there set yourself goals?  With timelines, and specifics?  How many if you start that, get about 70% to them and find life hands you something that derails you?  I believe that this derailment is actually a test to see if you really want it as much as you say you do. What if that derailment is the thing you are to handle AND STILL hit your goal rather than abandoning it?

Let's explore that thought.

We say we want to be debt free. Then we get our plan set up and we start down the path. Then temptation appears and we cave. Then life hands is stuff and we jump ship. What if we said no to temptation?  Or readjusted our plan to accept a deviation that is planned for?

I'm guilty of this too. It's why I've started again with a better plan and am working it out more soundly and matching more purposefully than before. Plastic by the wayside. Needs first, planned milestones with rewards and the odd temptation built right in.

This is a goal I WILL meet and achieve. This is a goal that is worth the effort and time. It means a richer, better life when it is conquered.

What does debt free mean for you?  What does your life look like without the debt in it?  Start dreaming of it. It helps with the planning, gets the fire going and kicks in beast mode to get there.


  1. I love my life with zero debt! does make it difficult to makes those big purchases without a lot of pain! I drive a 2000 vehicle. It will soon need to be replaced. I am looking at all options including paying cash, leasing, buying used and so on, even going without a car! I don't want to have any payments, that is the main thing but also paying cash takes a big chunk out of my savings. I haven't got it figured out yet.

  2. I paid off all of my debt except for my mortgage. Frankly, not having a car payment for 6 years has been the best thing for me. I would never have been able to save so much money with that car payment. I also wouldn't have been able to save money for retirement with that payment. Although, I still struggle sometimes with determining goals, priorities and what to save for when.


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