Dig Down Into Yourself and Feel It

It has been a while since writing last.  This blog has become a cathartic way for me to let out what I need to, to explore myself in a way I can't in any other medium, and a place, for better or worse, to allow someone somewhere to read this and hope it provides an opportunity to hear a message they need in a moment.

That being said, dig down into yourself and feel it.

We all hide ourselves.  We speak to ourselves in ways we do not believe we would allow others to speak to us.  Except we do.

We believe we are better, convince ourselves we are better than others because of circumstance, opportunity, salary, job status and a host of other things.  Except we are not.

If you believe you are are the smartest person in a room in which you are sitting, you have proven to yourself first that in fact you are not. 

We are not kind to ourselves.  We are not caring or compassionate to ourselves.  We are the worst bully to ourselves.  And yet we pretend that it is others.  We blame others.  We curse others.  When in fact it is an elaborate rouse to help convince ourselves that we have a right to be offended by the words of others.  When is the last time you were offended by the words you use to speak to yourself?

We are our own worst nightmare.  Our self-speak is so off-base that we do not even realize how detrimental to our own self we are. 

When is the last time you let anyone call you a fat slob to your face without doing something or saying something or being offend by it?  And yet, you look at your physical form in the mirror and think it 1, 5, 10, 25, 1000 times per day.

What if I told you that there is scientific proof, done in studies sanctioned by Universities, that 100% proves that the way we speak to ourselves directly and irrefutably proves that we make ourselves sick, that our cells respond negatively, that cellular growth stunts or diminishes, that cancer grows, that we become sick.

Think I'm pulling your leg?  Google it.

Let me know what you learn and what you find.

We have the power to change ourselves.  We have the power to bring light, energy, positivity, into our own live, yet it is so hard, we passively, and sometimes actively choose not to.  

Did you find the three spelling and grammar errors in this article and lose the point of it? 


  1. I learned about the negative effects of negative self talk from Eckhart Tolle - not sure which book it was as he has several. So my internal dialog has changed dramatically! Every time I have a negative thought I tell my self I'm a good person. I also made a list of positive affirmations and personal accomplishments to read when I need to. It really does help and the negative self talk has lessened!

  2. Hey missed, you and I agree, spelling errors? I don't do spelling errors.

  3. I learned about the negative effects of negative self talk from Eckhart Tolle



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