Concerted Steps to the Greater Whole

To do List as of this morning:

1) Put laundry away from basket
2) Review files for stale documents
3) File those documents that need to be filed from the bag in the living room and the bag in the bedroom
4) Review books on shelves for purging/reading list creation
5) Prepare shred pile
6) Clean truck of car
7) Get snow brush from car and transfer to SUV

The document review turned into a review/purging of 2 morn boxes of stuff from the basement as well.  Releasing 18% of my belongs is going quite well so far.  The recycling boxes are filling up much more than they have in the past, I have a great shred/burn documentation pile that is ready for release and I'm condensing things with notes of how to best display or utilize as I go. 

There are 5 boxes of books/CD's/scrapbooks that cannot currently be put into homes because the available shelving is not equipped to handle what is still boxed up.  Having said that, 5 boxes condensed from 10 is a wonderful thing.  I know what is in each box.  I know what I want to do with each box.  I now have to ensure the budget has room for the shelving required to complete each box. 

I'm actually enjoying the process of reviewing my possessions.  With a little more time, I'm sure even some of the things I want to keep right now will be purged with the second review planned for this summer.

The entire process is helping me release the old, the stale, the unnecessary, the unwanted, and the undesired.  It is helping me see my life for the good parts of it, accepting the lessons I've learned along the way and blessing the past as I move forward.

Tonight the only thing on my To Do list is the laundry form above, plus the load I washed and dried yesterday.

That will clean up the laundry taking up residence on the lounge in the bedroom.  And I will tackle the truck of the car at work, since there is a good portion of documents there that need to be filed at work. 

It's a processes.  I've done 7 boxes in the last 2 days, so things are going quite well I'd say.  I have one more to finish with/condense down in the basement now, that was started yesterday and a good portion of it purged out.  I'm quite proud of the things I've been accomplishing lately.

Tomorrow night, I have my eye appointment.  Time to get the peepers checked out and the old prescription updated.  This will be a nice treat for me as well.  I get to pick out new glasses to frame my peepers!

Then, donate my old prescriptions so others may be able to see the world. 

It will be nice to have those released from my life as well. 

Some rearranging of the furniture in the bedrooms will help with flow and storage as well.  I'm happy to get these done over a weekend in February.  This year really is about releasing the old stale energies so new, fresh, experience can make it's way into my life.

I'm excited about life, about this process and about the work.  And as I go, I'm finding smaller projects to put on the list of things as well.  Donations have already been made this week.  Purging is going well and is happening with greater frequency now. 

it's starting to look like taking a couple of days of holiday may yield a great deal more work on the smaller projects I'm identifying as I go.  Though, truthfully, we all know that sometimes those small projects are actually great big ones in disguise!

I hope you are all working towards your personal goals.  I'm amazed at the work I've accomplished in 30 days.  What have you done?


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