Cooking With Motivation!

Accomplished a lot this weekend.  Also rested and relaxed this weekend.

Here is the list from Friday.  The strike-through represents what I did this weekend:
To-Do for Jan. 27-29:

1) Clean silver
2) Put silver away
3) Review contents of 3 boxes of stuff from the basement
4) Make decisions on the contents of these three boxes - purge, keep, sell, donate
5) Review files for stale documents
6) File loose papers that need to be kept
7) Prepare a shred pile for other items
8) Source Shelving for spare bedroom
9) Review budget for when these will be in the budget to purchase
10) Review books on basement shelf
11) Release books that are no longer wanted to others who can love them
12) Put the laundry away from the folded basket
13) Wash dirty clothing, fold washed clothing, put the folded clothing AWAY!
14) Bed sheets laundry required! 

Tonight, I actually have an evening at home.  First time in 5 months. 

So, a couple of the items from the list above that still need doing will be done tonight:

To-Do Jan. 29, 2018:
1) Put laundry away from basket
2) Review files for stale documents
3) File those documents that need to be filed from the bag in the living room and the bag in the bedroom
4) Review books on shelves for purging/reading list creation
5) Prepare shred pile
6) Clean truck of car
7) Get snow brush from car and transfer to SUV

Getting a few more things done and tidied around the house is keeping me busy and productive.  This past weekend, several wall hangings were put up as well.  The Whiteboard for all activities and notes is now in the kitchen, with the calendar.  My butterfly is back hanging in the dinning room, bathroom items are up, and it's starting to look a lot more lived in and homey.  I'm feeling great about the current progress.  Several items to go, but I got through 4 boxes this weekend, and am making decisions about certain other pieces of furniture and what not. 

All of these items are happily keeping me busy and out of the shops, and away from boredom, so the desire to fill life in with "stuff" has all but disappeared. 

Coming soon I will be placing a few more items up for sale - very gently used, if at all, items that can be up-cycled and loved by someone else, to make their life better.  Since moving, some of the pieces I have just do not flow or work in the new space.  Though I loved my previous place - intensely and passionately I might add - having to move was a circumstance of my situation, and not a choice.  The owner of the property I was renting had to sell, as they were going through quite a nasty break-up of their own relationship.  The person that bought my unit is a first time home buyer, and how they were able to purchase the unit meant that I needed to be evicted for their personal use.  It was a sad tale.  For both of us, as I had thought I'd be staying in that unit for quite some time.  It was beautiful, fit me to a T, was exactly my style, and something I'd been longing for for a while as well.

I loved the time I had in the unit.  I also came to learn who I was, got intimate with myself on a level I had not previously, and healed a lot of myself in that place.  The place I am in now, isn't quite all the way my style - yet - but it has good bones and can be worked on. 

Once I've completed the releasing of my "stuff" and my past, I'll be in a better space to design my current living space and move forward. 

It isn't bad, or horrible, or any of those things.  It just requires some paint updating, a few key pieces to bring the overall flow and character into perspective, a flip of a room for a more inviting space to entertain and a little more paring down of the "stuff" amassing a home in boxes.  A good week at home with some awesome music will be enough to get the items arranged correctly.  Another, at a later date, will be enough to get the paint colours in place and the overall feel of the place completed.  Key light fixtures in a couple of places will help brighten the space up. 

That's the biggest thing I notice from my last place to this one.  The abundance of natural light in my last place makes the current one feel dark and a little dreary.  Painting will help for sure.  So will lights in some of the darker corners and updating a couple of light fixtures will bring the brightness back.  I had more windows in my last place than this one.  Nothing I can do about the windows or their locations in this one...without literally punching holes in exterior walls.  Not something I'm into, that's for sure.

Though, saving for an electrician to come in and add a few pot lights to the already existing ones may be something down the road. 

In the mean time, figuring out my possessions in the space is going to be the thing I concentrate on for February.  Once that is completed, any further editing of items can occur as each room is refreshed.


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