Day 4 of 2018

Today is the fourth day of 2018. 

I have a list of items I want to accomplish this week, and so far I am ticking them off quite nicely.

To Do:
1.  Rearrange Blu-rays to incorporate the ones from Christmas
2.  Pack up extra set of dishes for donation to family in need.
3.  Remove boxes from spare bedroom closet for sorting, putting away, purging and garbage review.
4.  Go through all 6 boxes, and make decisions on the items held within.  (Re: Item #3)
5.  Purge files for stale and out of date items to burn/shred. 
6.  File paperwork from 2 bags (one in bedroom, one in living room).
7.  Take donation of towels to animal shelter.

With this list, I've been able to better utilize my time in the evenings and concentrate my time on the weekends in order to do complete these tasks.  I utilize a burst technique.  Begin the task and work to get it done in 30 minutes or less.  If you are into a task, go until it is completed OR you require a break from it.  Take a minimum of 30 minutes of break.  Go back to the task with fresh energy and eyes, and get it done.

New Year's Day I used this technique to unload 2 rubber maid bins (90-Litre size) of shoes, move my shoe rack into the closet, then move on the sort through the linens bin (90-Litre size).  Once these were completed, I moved on to unload the 25 Litre bathroom tote I had from my move, and sort through the bathroom.  I was able to purge 18% of the items in the bin, and get the bathroom cupboard organized for optimal usage of items I was keeping.  As such, I discovered, I do not need to replace my cleanser, moisturizer, soap, shower gel, eye makeup, toiletries, and travel items for the remainder of the year. 

This technique cleaned up a huge section of my bedroom, as well as the guest bedroom.  As I completed the bathroom task, I moved on to putting my lingerie chest in place, and use it for the jewellery I had wanted to.  I also was able to get my camisoles into the chest for usage, so I can determine which ones I'm able to release as the year goes on. 

Releasing 18% of my stuff is going to be quite easy as I get through my tasks.

From my purging and releasing I was able to compile a banker's box worth of items to take care of at another time, and a book bag of similar items.  These were items I wasn't in the mood to handle on Monday, and many were papers or memory book items for a project at another time. 

Getting the remainder of the spare bedroom handled will be a lovely item off the list of things to do, and give me a better oasis for hosting people at the house.  Clearing stall items and energy has been such a freeing thing this week.  It's amazing how much lighter you feel, and how much better the house feels when you do these things.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks and "stuff" you have, let the anxiety of those worries and fears go.  Resolve simply to clear one single surface off and keep it clear for the next 2 weeks.  Start with your bedroom dresser.  Another place to start would be the cupboard under your bathroom sink.  Do that one thing. 

If you start in the bathroom, clear it out, do the drawers the next day, and the shelves the day after.  Finish your week by cleaning the bathroom - toilet, sink, shower/tub, floor/rug, dust and vacuum the walls and tops of the lights, and mirrors and shelves and then that whole room is done.  Fresh and clean.  Free of stale energy, and a much better place to relax.  Who cares that it took a week to get that room completed.  It's now done.  Move yourself into the hall right outside it, and vacuum it up, wipe off the baseboards, and shake any rugs in the area.  Poof!  Now you have a clean bathroom AND hallway.

Don't want to tackle the bedrooms just yet?   Great!  Don't!  Instead move on to the powder room! 

My tasks tonight include scrubbing the same bathroom I just finished organizing on Monday, so it is fresh and clean for the next week.  Then I'll be heading down to my own powder room to do it as well.  I'll even be disinfecting the door handles, and light switches.  These help keep the cold and flu germs from spreading around the house. 

So far so good!  Getting settled in the new place is going swimmingly.  As each of these little things are tackled, the energy and flow gets better, I feel lighter and brighter, and I'm happier with the space. 


  1. That's a great approach! I have to do this for my office which is a scary mess right now. We'll get some shelves up and then I can work my way through, box by box.

    1. It's surprisingly satisfying to take a box, dig through it's contents and handle the items there. I've been finding that my mental state has been a big part of being able to do this. Both in seeing where I was when I decided to keep something, and where am I now in how I handle that item.


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