Moving On Through Life

Life is so interesting. 

Today I have the most time I will ever have this year.  I have 362 days of time within which to mold and master myself. 

This year, I am purging 18%of everything I have, and everything I am.  Out with the stale, the old, the no longer serving me stuff.  Out with the excess fat stores, negative thinking, and negative people that no longer serve any purpose other than to weigh me down.

I am becoming more me than ever before.  Letting go of old ways, beliefs, barriers and even some boundaries.  I will be better, everyday.

When you are working on something, and state that you have a goal, do you do 1% per day towards that goal or do you simply talk a good game?

After you say you really truly absolutely want that GOAL to happen, do you do 2% the next day towards making it happen?

What did you do today to get you closer to a GOAL of yours?

Here are mine for the year:

1) Purge 18% of my stuff by year end.
2) Move my body 18% more of the time
3) When faced with challenges, choose my goal first, and delay the gratification of the other thing, adding it to the list to get accomplished AFTER my current set of goals.

Debt has been a constant discussion on this blog, for nearly 10 years now.  The funny thing is, with the life changes I've made, I've been both in and out and in and out and in of debt, in that time.  I just finished setting my sights on complete freedom from consumer debt by the last day of 2020.  The plan is in place.  The payments are preset and already flying around.  This will clean up what is left from my past, and allow me to move confidently into the future. This plan includes payments to clear a new car, a credit card, and wedding planning. 

Morphing this blog into a new horizon is where I'm headed.  Becoming ME as each day passes.  I was me before, however I sheltered myself, hide portions of me that were deemed inferior by another.  I hid me.  I compromised myself into knots.  I allowed me to make me sick without realizing I was doing it too. 

So, in 2018, 18% of my tired, raggedy, old, unserving stuff is on the way out.  And I'm opening myself up to new experiences, working hard on speaking my truth, being a better communicator, improving my life by living with less stuff, and truly taking a moment to learn when to accept new things in and being ok if the answer is "Thank you, but no, thank you."  I'm looking to experience life with people to make memories that last longer than the stuff.

I have projects to complete:

1) Scrap book my adventures to date and purge the stuff I no longer want from those adventures
2) Arrange my photos of life and make a couple of books out of them
3) Craft until they are all completed
4) Read my library
5) Cull the baggage and organize myself more efficiently

At the end of this year, 18% of my stuff will be elsewhere.  And I will have 18% more space to just be and enjoy. 


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