The Work Continues

And so we continue on completing small tasks as we go!

Momentum is a key factor in getting through any task. 

Yesterday, in my limited time available, I was able to shake rugs in the bathrooms, so I can get them cleaned tonight.  I was also able to collect the much needed bubble wrap to complete item 2 of my To Do List:

To Do:
1.  Rearrange Blu-rays to incorporate the ones from Christmas
2.  Pack up extra set of dishes for donation to family in need. <- Bubble wrap required.  Bubble wrap now acquired, via the "Accio Bubble Wrap" spell, and now, this evening whilst watching the Canadian Junior Hockey Team play for Gold, I am able to complete this task. 
3.  Remove boxes from spare bedroom closet for sorting, putting away, purging and garbage review. As it happens, this task will be completed tonight as well. 
4.  Go through all 6 boxes, and make decisions on the items held within.  (Re: Item #3)
This task will get started, and at least one box completed before the end of the game tonight. 
5.  Purge files for stale and out of date items to burn/shred.
6.  File paperwork from 2 bags (one in bedroom, one in living room).
7.  Take donation of towels to animal shelter.

The momentum to get the house sorted and get the boxes handled and removed is carrying me through this week.  Performing smaller chores like cleaning the bathroom, shaking rugs, dusting, vacuuming sections, have been able to keep me going when I need a break from the bigger overall task.  The house is tidier because of it.  The box count and bag count is decreasing at a reasonable place, and the house itself is being cleansed, cleared, and righted in a way that continues to make me happy.

It's weird.  Having a properly righted house is so satisfying.  It makes keeping it that way so much easier.  One can also see what one's belongings look like, and begin divesting the churn and culling the dead weight out.

I've been subscribed to a declutter site that gives 15 minute tasks each day to help you declutter your house and your life.  I can honestly say I have not read every single one of the emails sent, however, the calendars of where you can be each week, in which room to be in for the month, and the tasks provided have been helpful when I needed to kick my own pants into gear.

The kitchen has been purged, and the remainder of the items identified in the purge are what is being boxed up.  We have spices galore, and are using spices galore.  The pantry and fridge are stocked with only the staples of what we want to fuel our bodies with - the premium gas options - and have been culled of things that needed to be eaten up.

I'm actually pretty excited for the day when that final pile is removed and we have all of our surfaces back.  Sure we have a bit more than we could have in the kitchen.  Good thing is each item has a purpose and a use, and so far has been serving us quite well for what we want.  New fridge and stove have been installed and we are happy with their performance and aesthetic.  The back hall and doorway have been improved with proper hanging for coats, baskets for the mitts and toques and scarves, hangers for when company comes, shelving for the shoes and boots, drip trays etc.  With that cleaned up, the feel of the whole back section of the house is more relaxed, less chaotic, definitely much more functional and feels like a home to be proud of, rather than a catchall that you are constantly tripping through.

Completing the next set of boxes will improve and help finalize the living room, dining room, office combination.  There is a table and one cabinet we have yet to decide on, and a flow rearrange that we may be trying in the next couple of weeks, to see if it's going to improve the energy in the rooms.  It's one of those things that sometimes you just need to do the furniture shuffle.  The room is a bit tight for me, so shifting things around will allow my mind to visually see and my body to physically feel the change in the space. 

Once this is reviewed, the hanging of artwork can take place.  And the main floor of home is completed.

Currently under review:  Shelving units in spare bedroom, clothing situation for me (oy!  2 dressers full, and an entire closet full!  Gah!) and how to arrange the storage area of the basement for maximum flow.

All in all this week has been a fantastic week in getting these last items handled.  Tonight should be a good game and a good dent in the To Do list!


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