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Sometimes You Just Have To Listen To Your Body

We are beings that have lists and goals and tasks to do.  We GO-GO-GO for as long as we can and because we "have to" or because we have to . Sometimes though, we really need to listen to our body. This past weekend, and in fact the last 2 weeks, I've been tired, fighting some sort of illness but never quite getting it, and I've been exhausted.  Like, bone tired, sleeping 17 hours a day exhausted. This past weekend was good.  I didn't feel like doing anything even though I had a pile to accomplish. I got a few things done, but I was really tired.  Moreso than I had thought.  Case in point, I awoke Sunday at8:30am.  Was up and doing things, went to lay down on the bed to take a moment to contemplate what I was going to do with my day, stretch a little, and apparently feel asleep.  I woke up again at 1pm.  What?!  Turns out my exhaustion levels were still quite high.  I can say that I am very happy with the tasks I did manage to get done this weekend.  My b

Cooking with Butane!

Sometimes life gets us so caught up in the minutia that we lose sight of our goals. Sometimes we allow life to catch us up that way so we can hide from the hard work it takes to get to those goals. Sometimes the goals we set are truly what we want but we aren't ready to do the hard work to get to them, and we do not have a support system in place to help us get there. When it all starts clicking.  When you've found the people to cheer you on and help you navigate the difficulty life sends you way.  When you've got your head around what the path to the goal looks like and you start walking that path and ticking off the little tasks that will get you there.  When ALL of these things are in place and are all heading in the same direction, the goal starts seemingly to work for it's own achievement. It stops feeling hard.  It stops feeling overwhelming.  It stops feeling like it's a pain in your life to get this down.  You understand the sacrifice that goes into

How To Support Yourself When You Don't Have Support

This topic came up a little while ago.  A wonderful commentor mentioned that they were struggling with this because they didn't feel like there was support for them outside of themselves. So, what do you do if you feel this way? First thing, for me, while I was feeling this way, was to find one person that you could talk to about it.  A co-worker, a friend, an acquaintance that you wanted to become a friend, and sometimes even a complete stranger. For a while, I was my own motivator.  I would sit with my planner, and my list of things I wanted to do in my lifetime (experiences etc.) and projects and goals I had.  I would write them all out on individual lists and get everything set up.  I would carry them around with me.  And I'd pick two things that I could accomplish in the year ahead.  Just two.  And then, when I was bored, required a little direction I'd pull out those lists and pick another thing. In my planner, I would look ahead through the year and leave mys