Cooking with Butane!

Sometimes life gets us so caught up in the minutia that we lose sight of our goals.

Sometimes we allow life to catch us up that way so we can hide from the hard work it takes to get to those goals.

Sometimes the goals we set are truly what we want but we aren't ready to do the hard work to get to them, and we do not have a support system in place to help us get there.

When it all starts clicking.  When you've found the people to cheer you on and help you navigate the difficulty life sends you way.  When you've got your head around what the path to the goal looks like and you start walking that path and ticking off the little tasks that will get you there.  When ALL of these things are in place and are all heading in the same direction, the goal starts seemingly to work for it's own achievement.

It stops feeling hard.  It stops feeling overwhelming.  It stops feeling like it's a pain in your life to get this down.  You understand the sacrifice that goes into it and are settled with that.

Today, after several months....ok who am I kidding...after several YEARS of working towards something, it is finally clicking all into place.

I am now cooking with Butane!  And I LOVE having that POWER in my HANDS!

For the first time in a really long time, I've able to manage my finances like an actual grown up!  Knowing the payments are set up and automated to come out of my account on the correct days, that my savings just automatically roll into the hidden account that I don't look at at all, and that my bills are set and falling with ease now, makes me so HAPPY!

AND!  Get this!  There's actually money in my account at the end of the month.  It isn't a huge amount yet.  It is MONEY though!  So once in a while, when you want to enjoy something, you can just go ahead. 

Freedom from the financial chains.  It has taken a long time to get all of this set up.  I've been blogging about my financial journey from debt to leading a Rich Life for 11 years now! 

It is clear that it takes me a little time and a lot of trial to get the point.  7 years to get a degree, while working full time, 11 years to get my finances to this point where they only continue to get better as life goes on. 

The thing is, I'm PROUD of my accomplishments in life.  I may not love the fact that I'm a slo-oo-ow learner on certain things.  I absolutely love the fact that I keep getting back up and getting set again when I get knocked down.  [Cue Tub-thumping by Chumbawamba here!]  I know how to keep getting up.  I know how to work with myself to get things in place.  I know how to do this.

Why am I so happy about it this time?  It's been a long time of me paying off things in my life.  The reason I'm so ecstatic this time is because this will close out a chapter of my life that has been written and finished.  I will be closing out that whole section of my book of life and preparing for excitement as it happens.

I have a finite date to get my finances completed by.  The debt gone, the bills paid off, and the feeling of no longer dragging around both my past and the bad habits I was in. 

I have my burn and release party all set up.  I have LIFE to take hold of and get going on.  I am in a healthy place whereby I no longer try to fill my life with unnecessary material from frivolous purchases tossing dollars down a smoke stack and watching them leave a gross black smudge in the air. 

This time, I've got it all in place.  I am living the best life I can at this moment in my life, and I'm preparing to complete my learning on this lesson so I can move on.and tackle the next lesson in my life.

The gift I'm giving myself at Christmas this is is knowing that I have cleaned up my finances and am in a place to be able to confidently stride forward in life.

Who cares that it took this long to get to this point.  I've been at this point a couple of times before.  This time I'm pushing through it.  I'm going to knock this out and be done with it.  Each day is another day closer to the end!  Each payment, that much closer to the end!  I've hacked myself this time.  And I'm over the moon about it!


  1. OMG, this is a wonderful post and a good boost that I needed today! You're doing fantastic! and inspirational to boot!

  2. Thank you! I've been watching your progress for a while too. Sorry to hear about the rehab. Great that it's being covered correctly for you!


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