Sometimes You Just Have To Listen To Your Body

We are beings that have lists and goals and tasks to do.  We GO-GO-GO for as long as we can and because we "have to" or because we have to.

Sometimes though, we really need to listen to our body.

This past weekend, and in fact the last 2 weeks, I've been tired, fighting some sort of illness but never quite getting it, and I've been exhausted.  Like, bone tired, sleeping 17 hours a day exhausted.

This past weekend was good.  I didn't feel like doing anything even though I had a pile to accomplish.

I got a few things done, but I was really tired.  Moreso than I had thought.  Case in point, I awoke Sunday at8:30am.  Was up and doing things, went to lay down on the bed to take a moment to contemplate what I was going to do with my day, stretch a little, and apparently feel asleep.  I woke up again at 1pm.  What?! 

Turns out my exhaustion levels were still quite high.  I can say that I am very happy with the tasks I did manage to get done this weekend.  My bedroom is much more organized and feels clear and wonderful.  The spare bedroom needs a little more work - and a furniture shuffle to be considered completed.  Painting/wallpaper removal will be a task for this summer hopefully.

Sometimes though, despite the lists and tasks that "need" to be completed, you need to take care of yourself more.  And who cares if you spend the day in front of a tv or in a bath or absorbed in a book.  It's allowing your brain, and body some much needed down time.

The point of this post?  Listen to your body and treat yourself with grace.  Self-care is a must.


  1. I was trying to go and go. Finally, I went to the doctor and had FluB, same thing two weeks later--uti, three weeks after that--walking pneumonia, three weeks later--uti. It has been a long three months. But, until I had other symptoms besides exhaustion, I did not feel like I should go to doctor. When I sleep 17-20 hrs/day, I know I am ill, really ill.


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