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Learning to Value Yourself

2018 has 365 days in it. Each a gift in itself, though we forget about that part most of the time. In the past 8 months, I've been learning a lot about myself.  For example, I used to fill the gap of feeling inadequate and lonely in my life, by purchasing "things".  I'd wander a mall, an antique store, a market, a new town, and inevitably I'd find "things" to buy.  The trouble with that?  My home was full of stuff.  To the brim in some places.  And I didn't even remember some of the great things I had found for my home.  Then, you go through a tough time, packing all of your belongings up into boxes and moving out of the place you called home and setting off on your own.  The task of unpacking your life into this new space is gloriously freeing and fulfilling.  So, I stopped trying to fill in the voids I felt in life with things, and started unpacking my life. I got down and dirty with myself and those boxes.  I learned I hold onto things h