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Today. I'm exasperated, exhausted, drained, at the end of my ropes and stressed out. Why? Because I've allowed myself to stretch too thin on several items that I have passion for.  I now no longer have the patience to play the political game involved with some of these items.  And, I'm also out of patience due to the fact that the group I'm working with does not put in effort and rely heavily on two people to complete everything but are super excited to stand in front of those people and take all the credit for the project. More than anything, I have expectations that have not been met, hope and faith that has been let down, and I'm defeated by the need for control of others at the expense of doing what is right, even when it feels hard and bad to do it.  Allowing a personal relationship t cloud what needs to happen to save the business itself is taking it's toll on me, because I do not agree with the position of the other side on this matter. As such,