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Taking this season to make measured improvements

Good Morning World! It has been a little while since last I posted and it's time to re-enter this part of my life. With the current season of COVID-19 virus upon us, the economy slowing down, people social distancing themselves to protect infection and flatten the curve, this is a wonderful time to take a breath and review life. For me, this is a time to enjoy the slower pace of life and spend some time taking stock and evaluating myself.  Newly into my 40's, I have a decade ahead of me that will shape me in new and diverse ways, and set me up for living my best life yet. In this time, I'm reviewing several things: 1.  Possessions - Do I really need everything I've amassed? 2.  Habits - am I living with and in integrity with my core values?  What are my core values?  How can I use these to make aligned decisions? 3.  Finances - did I do my homework to the best of my ability?  What can I learn about investing in this season of life?  What steps am I prioritiz