As a 37-year old woman writing a blog for 10 years, I am embarking on a new phase of my life.

At this time of my life I did not expect to find myself single and learning how to build my life on my own, designed by me and for me, by me.  As I begin this new journey, this blog will be morphing out of the Debt free march I was on, into a more balanced life.

I will talk about how the move forward after ending my relationship is going, the discoveries I make in myself being on my own, and all manner of items in between.  Finances will be a part of it, as there is an enormous change for me in that area.  Health will be a big part of this, as there will be drastic changes coming in that area of life.  And a healthy dose of mental and spiritual healing and discovery will be included in here.

Stay tuned.  I am a work in progress.  A masterpiece in imperfection and a delight in the messiness of life!

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