My Financial Landscape

In this time, I've enjoyed opportunities to get really deep into myself.  Learning where certain behaviours and thought patterns were borne from and how they've manifested in my life. 

I am completing steps to begin a side-business for myself.  I am completing my last payments for my car loan, and am 18 months away from being clear on all outstanding loans. 

In this time, I'm tracking my financial landscape differently.  I am working deeply on the programming I gained in life surrounding finances, and am systematically reviewing where my beliefs came from and how to improve those beliefs.

I have a 5 year plan in play right now, that will see me in the best financial shape I've ever been in.  Having a side business is simply abundance prospering to allow me greater and more amazing opportunities to grow and serve the world. 

365 Days ago, I embarked on a new path.  It was uncertain.  I didn't know what life would look like.  I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to support myself through it.  365 days later, I'm loving the transformation.  I'm loving where I'm at and what I'm doing.  I'm loving the progress and the revelations.  Some have been amazing.  Others have been eye-opening and provided opportunities to improve things. 

I set 90 day goals for myself.  They keep me on track with my plan.  They afford me the opportunity to reach out for specific support.  They allow me to evaluate in smaller chunks and to stay out of overwhelm. 

Working this system, the growth is infinite and the opportunities are boundless. 


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