Learning how to provide self-care will be a big part of my journey:

Wellness begins with the purge.   Clearing out my mind, body, spirit, and space.  18% of my stuff will be removed from my life to allow me to open myself up to more life.

Old habits, old though patterns, old stuff, unused stuff, broken stuff, stuff from my past that no longer serves my present.  All of those things will be reviewed.

For the past two years I've been systematically working through a personal development series of seminars designed to dig deeply into yourself, and learn about your patterns, how you show up in situations, and so much more.  Through these experiences, I've learned how to truly provide self-care, how to love myself deeply, how to understand that I can shift any behaviour and pattern I want in the matter of moments, and found my core values. 

These are important so I am able to make decisions that keep me in line with these and allow me to stay healthy and well even in times of unrest and upheaval. 


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