Learning how to provide self-care will be a big part of my journey:

Wellness begins with the purge.   Clearing out my mind, body, spirit, and space.  18% of my stuff will be removed form my life to allow me to open myself up to more life.

Old habits, old though patterns, old stuff, unused stuff, broken stuff, stuff from my past that no longer serves my present.  All of those things will be reviewed.

Jan 1:  Finally unpacked my shoes.  Put the rack in the closet and unpacked all shoes.  Purged 3 pairs of shoes.  Sorted out linen box, and removed 1 bath towel, 2 hand towels, 4 pillow cases and a pillow cover from the mess, to donate to the animal shelter.  Recycled a few items.  Handled the box of toiletries.  Sorted out the bathroom, and organized the cupboards.  Realized I do not need to purchase any soap, shower items, bath salts, or bubbles for a while.  Have all needed creams, face cleansers and toothbrushes we will need for at least a year.

Jan 2:  Moved empty bins to basement for use during rest of purge.  Garbage and recycling out from weekend and previous week.  Happy to not be throwing out more than one regular sized shopping bag of wrapping paper, thanks to moving to the Christmas bags sewn long ago and still going!! (WIN!) Purged fridge of expired and decaying foodstuffs forgotten at the back.  Made mental note to ensure leftovers are finished, food is eaten by expiry date and no waste in future.

Feb 20:  Planning a birthday trip to Vegas in April, and a trip to Ottawa in the summer!  Travel is happening.  I am working to balance life and goals better and have some wonderful people in my life to help with this. 

Feb 22:  Spent the rest of January systematically diving through boxes of packed items and purging, and putting away items.  Took a break for February as I was feeling exhausted and burnt out with life.  The motivation stayed for all of January and I'm happy with the work that was done.  There is still a bit to go.  This weekend, a few more boxes will get reviewed, some furniture will be shuffled and some more purging will happen.  I have a deep seeded urge to release from my life, that which no longer serves a purpose or brings me joy.  Carrying around the "stuff" mentally, and physically, is only serving to pull my happiness down into contented disassociation.  I have some items to post for sale that will help liquidate some of those possessions into usable resources that can bolster the efforts on the financial health.  Every single dollar and dime help when it comes to this. 

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